Gastronomy Paradise

For those who love to discover oriental food secrets, who love to savors the unknown flavors Polow had prepared special offer. 
During day trips we will drive you to morning fish market, to wet traditional market, through modern supermarkets where you can see exotic unknown in Europe/Americas spices and products. Then we will bring you to selected local restaurants when you may enjoy not only lunch and dinner but where “food testing panels” will be presented and you can see kitchens and can have meeting with cooks and chefs. 
Full and most sophisticated few day program include also: cooking classes and visiting traditional Balinese’s farmers compound where you will be able also to plow rice terraces by yourselves ( real unique experience !!! ) and you will visit cocoa, vanilla, coffee, tea, pineapple plantation (seasonal!) Full tour includes also BBQ Seafood dinner on the beach. 

In some selected best restaurants we have our own contracted rates for culinary panels and dish testing sessions. Please send us enquiry for your gourmet adventure on Bali ( email link ) 

Food testing tours, cooking classes, cooking schools, and even bizarre food testing we organize on Bali, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia. 

Amazing food, amazing restaurants…