Wedding on Bali

Venues for weddings: those are endless possibilities on Bali.

  1. Most standard : in beach resorts ( or in Ubud in countryside resorts )

  2. In “pura” – Balinese sacred temples

  3. In special wedding “Balinese palaces”

  4. In wedding villas

Requirement for documents and timing:

Every case may be individual so please send us enquiry for checking your case, but in general:

Copies of passports which must be valid for at least 6 months after arrival in Bali, Copies of full birth certificates, wedding registration form (supplied by Polow), copy of decree absolute if either party is divorced, copy of death certificate if either party is a widow/widower. 6 passport sized photos of the couple together showing head and shoulders. The couples must take originals of all documents mentioned above as you need them when you make a sworn statement of your intention to marry in Bali ( or Jakarta) at your consulate.

All documents must be translate into English. 

You must arrive in Bali at least few working days prior to your ceremony to ensure enough time for your legal paperwork to be official. 

Basic Legal Requirements 
The Indonesian Government requirements for arranging a legally binding marriage vows are quite specific. Once these guidelines are met the legal formalities are relatively easy to manage. When a couple decides to get married in Bali, Polow files all of the necessary paperwork with Indonesian authorities. Originals of all legal and religious documentation must be brought to Indonesia and shown as proof before the ceremony takes place.

Religious marriage: as catholic and protestant … etc also can be arranged. Check with your religious authorities documents you may needed. Many Christians priests are on service on Bali.


There is no standard offer, possibilities are endless from crazy beach party to very oriental and traditional. Very popular custom is that bride & groom are wearing traditional Balinese wedding costumes.

Your wedding and party can be arranged in dramatic scenery as on cliffs, in between rice paddies, on the beach…..